Collective exhibitions, Minsk:

1988.02.23 Performance “Construction”

1989.02.10 Opera “Boris Godunov”

1989.10.10 Happening “Dedication”

1989.12.08 Performance “We are going Liverpul”

1989 Art exhibition “On White Horse”

1990.03.30 Happening “Photo studio”

1990. 04.20 Performance “Baroque”

1990.05.09 Happening “The project on sand”

1990 Art exhibition “Applied kinetics”

1991.06.28 Performance “ Dutch Architect”

1991.07.03 Happening “Airsnakes”

1992.12.01-1992.12.15 Exhibition “Lessons of Bad Art”

1993.09 "The Sixth Line" gallery

1994.12.09- 1995.02.03 Exhibition “ Liebschaft”

2014.11.12-2014.12.12 "Suma Sumarum" The Sixth-Line gallery

2017.03.15-2017.04.15 "ArtMopжe"

2017.october,  Y gallery

2019.05.18-2019.07.03 “Games” National Art Museum of Repablic Belarus

2019.05.20-2019.06.30 ”Art-Minsk” Palace of Art. Minsk. Belarus

2019.07.04-2019.07.14 “75 years of the Delivery of Republic Belarus” Palace of Art. Minsk. Belarus

2019.07.07-2019.07.17 “Boundary” Palace of Art, Minsk, Belarus

Collective exhibitions:

2008 Exhibition”Good-by” Berlin. Germany

2017.06.14-2018.06.18 ArtBox project, Basel, Swiss

2018.03.05-2018.03.16 Artbox project, New York, US

Personal exhibitions:

1995 Belarus TV interview, Minsk.

2010 Art gallery "Znad Wilii", Vilnius

2014 Museum Savitsky, Minsk

2014.10.21-2014.11.12 "Pictures of the Floating World" Lasandr-Art gallery, Minsk

2017.12.20-2018.02.10 "GEOMETRICAL" Art-Morzhe gallery, Minsk. Belarus

2019.07.14-2019.08.15 “The Journey to the sea” Art-Morzhe gallery, Minsk. Belarus